Survey Results!

The votes came in, and the bull logo won by a long shot.  Ironically, the original logo design (teal with ipk letters) was voted the least appealing.

Thanks for all of the feedback!  I took some time tonight to update the logo along with the color scheme.  There are still some old menu items to update, but most of the work is done for now.

Next in the pipeline is releasing an Amazon Alexa skill for getting IPO information.  It's built and is currently being tested at the Ryan + Elle household 👫.  I'm hoping to have the skill certified and added to the public skill set by next week.

Lately, I've been working on squashing bugs, such as duplicate emails when a company name changes in one of the data sets.  Sorry if you've experienced this!  It's a known issue and I'm redesigning how data is indexed to eliminate the issue in the future.

Lastly, machine learning is in the pipeline, but will likely be delayed due to a trip to Belize quickly approaching.

As always, feel free to reach out [] or leave a comment below if you have any questions, input, or just think the idea is a plain waste of time 😉.


P.S. Thanks for all of the great comments on the survey.  This one gave me the best laugh: "Change the o to a Chinese gong thingy that you bang and it makes a noise"


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